Vol. 31, 2012


Cuvânt înainte (11)

I.Literature and Cultural Studies

Sunhild, Galter (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
(Almost) a Literary Motif: Effi Briest there and back (15)

Veronica Buciuman (Oradea/Großwardein):
 „Mein Land riecht […] wie das Essen meiner Mutter.“ Homeland Visions in Herta Müllers Atemschaukel and in Aglaja Veteranyis Warum das Kind in der Polenta kocht (27)

Iulia Elena Zup (Iassy):
The Romanian space in the works of Cătălin Dorian Florescu (45)

Ioan-Mirel Hăbean (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
 Mircea Eliade. Aspects of German Reception.The Indian Experience. (57)

Alina-Elena Chirilă (Iassy):
Writing between Two Cultures: Carmen Sylva (71)

Robert G. Elekes (Braşov/Kronstadt):
 Innovation and Interkulturalism in the literary periodical Neue Literature at the beginning of the 1970s (83)

II. Linguistics

Csilla Ruff (Baia-Mare):
A piece of history from the Zipserei (111)

Rebecca Erika Băruţia (Baia-Mare):
 Aspects of interculturality in the language use of the Zipser German community of Vişeu de Sus. Some observations on the borrowings of the Zipser dialect from Romanian and Hungarian (118)

Marius Stroia (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
The communicative and cultural roles of the foreign languages in the international communication and their possible consequences for their curricular position in the foreign language teaching (128)

Patricia Serbac (Tg. Mures/Neumarkt):
 New Research about Interferences in the Field of Education in Today´s German Language in Romania (142)

III. Translation Theory and Criticism

Nora Căpăţână (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
The Role of Translation in German Studies. Application Possibilities and Benefits (155)

Lăcrămioara Popa (Sibiu-Hermannstadt):
The ballad of the sun wedding with the moon. Variants of translation by W. von Kotzebue, Johann Karl Schuller, A. Franken, Otto Hauser and Hans Diplich (163)

Georgiana-Simona Marin (Sibiu-Hermannstadt):
Institution Names as Translation Problem (176)

Mihai Crudu (Suceava):
 Equivalence relations between onymical expressions in German and Romanian languages: intercultural changing through translation (185)

IV. The Current Issue

Maria Sass (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Interview with writer and literary critic Joachim Wittstock (201)

V. Book Show

Maria Trappen (Sibiu/Hermannstadt): Review (213)

Index of authors (219)