Vol. 34, 2014


Foreword (9)

Eugen CHRIST(Stuttgart): Youth network „German in the Danube Region” – (worth) considering (11)

Peter DINES (PH Ludwigsburg):
The Cooperation between the University of Education Ludwigsburg and its Partners in the Danube Region – Projects, Experiences, Perspectives (24)

Robert KOVAC /Sanja NINKOVIC (Novi Sad):
German Language and Culture and German Teacher Training in Serbia (37)

Stephanie JUG/Sanja CIMER (Osijek):
Past and Present German Language Influencies at the German Department of German Language and Literature in Osijek (50)

Liana Regina IUNESCH (Hermannstadt/Sibiu):
Experiential Learning as action-based and interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching German as a Foreign Language (66)

Gabor FRANK (Pécs/Fünfkirchen):
German Teachers Training in Hungary (87)

Ellen TICHY (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Two cultures – one home! A cross-cultural project between Romanian and German young people (96)

Florentina ALEXANDRU (Bukarest):
The intercultural dimension of foreign language teaching and learning in a linguistic and cultural homogenous context (109)

Adriana DĂNILĂ (Bukarest):
Some aspects of the wooden language in the german journalism in Romania of the 50s und 60s (138)

Sanja NINKOVIC / Robert KOVAC (Novi Sad):
An interlingual comparison of idiomatic expressions with numerals (using the example of the numeral seven/sedam) (158)


Film, Sprache, Begegnung (Holdorf/Maurer PH Ludwigsburg):Film – Sprache – Begegnung. Ein interkulturelles medienpädagogisches Sprachfördersommercamp in Rumänien (173)

Zirkuspädagogik:„Warum der ganze Zirkus?“ (189)

Mediencamp: Medienpädagogische Jugendbegegnung in
Sombor. Sprache – Medien – Interkulturalität:
13.- 22.August 2013 (199)