Vol. 39, 2016

Table of Contents


I. Literature and Cultural Studies

Joachim Wittstock (Sibiu): Poetic Aspects and the Cultural Context of a Cultural Magazine and Its Editor Harald Krasser (13)

Roxana Nubert/Ana-Maria Dascălu-Romiṭan (Timiṣoara): Experiencing the Idea of Space in Oscar Walter Cisek’s Works (29)

Cosmin Dragoste (Craiova): „The Place that Does not Exist“: on Departure and Arrival in Franz Hodjak‘s Lyrical Work (47)

Sunhild Galter (Sibiu): Female Living Spaces in Gabriele Wohmann’s Stories (60)

Christel Baltes-Löhr (Luxemburg): Gender, migration and space as a continuum. Attempt of a definition (74)

Marcela Ivan (Sibiu): Aspects of space representation in Andreas Birkner‘s story Der Brautschmuck des Sebastian Hann (99)

Ana Karlstedt (Bucharest): Determining Space in Teaching Intercultural Film Studies (119)

Markus Fischer (Bucharest): Romantic Constructions of Femininity and Masculinity – The Novels of Dorothea and Friedrich Schlegel (130)

Claudia Spiridon (Cluj-Napoca): The function of silence in Herta Müllers short stories Lowlands (156)

Oana Angharad Frandeş (Sibiu): The Motif of the Wandering Jew in the german Literature of the Romantism and Biedermeier (174)

II. Linguistics

Hermann Scheuringer (Regensburg): German Language within the Historical Multilingualism in Eastern Europe (187)

Doris Sava (Sibiu): Empirical Methods and Processes of Phraseographic Practice Based upon Corpus (204)

Adriana Dănilă (Bucharest): Wooden Language and cultural Identity in the Speeches of some Members of the Communist Party (231)

Mihaela Parpalea (Brasov): Linguistic aspects of silence in different cultures (256)

III. Translation studies and translation criticism 

Delia Eṣian (Iaṣi): Mite Kremnitz as a Translator and Novelist (275)

Alexandra Chiriac (Iaṣi): Catherine II of Russia. The Cultural Translation and the Ideological Transfer from West towards East (290)

Index of Authors (311)