Vol. 37, 2015


Foreword (9)

I. Literature and Cultural Studies

Markus FISCHER (Bucharest): Return to granted life.The figure of Alkestis in literary works of Euripides, Hofmannsthal and Rilke (13)

Ivana PAJIĆ (Novi Sad): The function of the narrator in the construction of the image of the other in Saša Stanišić’s novel How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone (31)

Francisca SOLOMON (Jassy / Iași): The Bukovinian dimension and the experience of “Otherness“ in Alexander Spiegelblatt’s short story In fartogikn groy (41)

Teodora-Bianca MORARU (Sibiu/Hermannstadt: The Synaesthetic Representation of the World as an Erotic Journey in Gheorghe Crăciun’s Femei albastre (54)

Alina BRUCKNER (Iași): The Romantic Mood: the Characteristic of Mass Literature Authors Linguistics (82)

II. Linguistics

Doris SAVA (Sibiu): Wedding announcements from a contrastive and intercultural point of view. Outlook on future research themes (97)

Ellen Tichy (Sibiu):German after the political change in 1989 in Central and Eastern Europe – study programs in German, German teacher training and German for specific purposes (116)

Adriana IONESCU (Bucharest): Greek lexical traps in German. False friends between Eros and Thanatos (132)

Ioana CONSTANTIN (Sibiu): Love in the Time of Billeting. Morals in Seventeenth CenturyTransylvania as Depicted in a Judicial Protocol from the National Archives in Sibiu (149)

Mihaela PARPALEA (Braşov): Fashionable language in trivial journalism (166)

III. Translation studies and translation criticism

Lăcrămioara POPA (Sibiu): Alfred Margul-Sperber – Portrait of a brilliant poet and translator (183)

Carmen POPA (Sibiu): A 17th century witch trial in  Sibiu discussed from a historical, cultural and translational point of view (196)

IV. Book Show

Delia COTÂRLEA (Braşov): Review (217)

Ewelina WILKOS (Szczecin/Polen): Review (222)