Vol. 43, 2018

Dana Dogaru – Professor Dr. Konnerth zum 80. Geburtstag

Maria Sass (Sibiu) Literature and Cultural Studies  “I am a Transylvanian Saxon, but I do not protest when a true-born German sees me as a Romanian” Paul Schuster’s (inter-)cultural portrait

Grazziella Predoiu (Timişoara): Border experience: Facts about the intercultural novel Angeltonguesof Dimitré Dinev

Sunhild Galter (Sibiu): The Image of the Angry Young Woman in Fatma Aydemirs First Novel Ellbogen

Johannes Teichmann (Vienna): Modernity in the Saxon literature? Adolf Meschendörfer (1877-1963) and his novel Leonore

Ana KARLSTEDT (Bucharest): “The German-Romanian Friendship Bears Fruit”. Images of the Self and of the Other in the movie Offset

Alexandra Nicolaescu(Bucharest): „The emigrant‘s fate in the novel ‚Arch of Triumph‘ by Erich Maria Remarque“

Ileana Panţu (Bucharest): Aspects of Interculturality in the Poetry of Rolf Bossert and of the German Authors of Romania, in the Anthology Vînt potrivit pînă la tare (1982)

Nadjib Sadikou (Flensburg): Literature and cultural ›we-phantasms‹ in Europe Reflections on Iris Wolffsnovel So tun, als ob es regnet

Anne TÜRK (Sibiu): The Lost Generation and The Deportation of The German Minority from Transylvania to The Fromer USSR: Exclusion Or Inclusion

Iulia Petrin (Iaşi): Robert Flinker’s novels and the experience of psychiatry

Doris SAVA (Sibiu): Joke, satire & irony – Internet memes as (a form of) public criticism

Gerhild Rudolf (Sibiu): About the linguistic situation at schools with instruction in German language in Romania – Evolution, problems, perspectives

Carmen Popa (Sibiu): Legal proceedings in the records of the magistrate and judge of Sibiu of the 16th and 17th century

Cristina Mihail (Sibiu) : Romanian Homeland and Death in German Countries. Death Notices in the Siebenbürgischen Zeitung