Vol. 27, 2010


 Foreword (11)

Joachim Wittstock (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Professor Dr. Horst Schuller zu Ehren (13)

I. Literary and Regional Cultural Studies

Cornelia Esianu (Iassy/Wien):
The right path goes over rocks. About the Romantic Dimension of Frida Binder-Radler’s Poetry (21)

Delia Esianu (Iassy):
Where the Word […] fell – God and Godlessness in the Poetry of Paul Celan (39)

Sunhild Galter (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Ludwig Hesshaimer as a Writer. Lebensbuch and Artist Stories (52)

Joachim Krauß (Berlin):
Vom wandernden Zigeunervolke. Transylvanian Sources as Components of the German-language Gypsies’ Construction (66)

Johann Georg Lughofer (Ljubliana):
Postmodernity in Contemporary Austrian Literature. An Analysis on the Basis of the Early Novels of Michael Stavanič (78)

Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu (Brasov/Kronstadt):
 The Breakout from the Narrow Playhouse. About the Playability of Postmodern Theatre Using the Example of the In-house Production Nyktophobie, oder: Mephistos später Gruß an Faust (111)

Thomas Schares (Bucuresti/Bukarest):
Stereotyped Language as a Genre-constituting Element in Michael Beheim’s “Vlad Ţepeş” Poem (123)

Maria Trappen (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
A Patchwork Translation. Notes on the Romanian Translation of Max Frisch’s Literary Diaries (136)

Bernhard Schwaiger (Erfurt):
Why the Romanian Language Becomes Unimportant when the Number of Latinos Increases (150)

II. Linguistics

About „Deisam“, the Compound Words Built with it and the Verb „deisamen“ in the Transylvanian Saxon Dialect (under Inclusion of Rhenish and Rhine Palatinate Dialect Examples) (161)

Rodica Ofelia Miclea (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Man soll den Teufel nicht an die Wand malen (Don’t meet trouble halfway!). The Multitude of Facets of the Devil Figure in German and Romanian Proverbs and Idioms (175)

Doris Sava (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Many happy returns of the day! Routine Formulas as a Research Task of Contrastive Phraseology (197)

Adina-Lucia Nistor (Iasi/Iassy):
Bragia / per nos plaids / e lur melodia (Weine für unser Lied / und seine Weise) – Romance Minority Language Varieties in Switzerland, using the example of the Lyrics of Tresa RüthersSeeli (210)


Horst Schuller (Hermannstadt/Heidelberg):
Transcultural Problematic Aspects of the Romanian-German Translation Process (225)

Ioana Constantin (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Reichsleiter, Obersturmbannführer, Sieg Heil – Talking About Translating Nationalsocialism Into Romanian (268)

Simona Marin (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Language and Law. The Various Relationships between Linguistics and Jurisprudence (276)

IV. The Topical Theme

Maria Sass (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
The Bologna Process – Success or Failure? Some Aspects from the Perspective of the German Studies of Sibiu (287)

V. BBook Reviews

Robert Gabriel Elekes (Brasov/Kronstadt) (305)
Delia Cotarlea (Brasov/Kronstadt) (307)