Vol. 40, 2017

Table of Contents


I. Literature and Cultural Studies

Joachim Wittstock (Sibiu): Georg Scherg in Sibiu. The Writer and Philologist at the centenary of his birth (13)

Markus Fischer (Bucharest): Between Authenticity and Folklorism. Migration and Interculturality in Catalin
Dorian Florescu’s Family Novels (28)

Delia Cotârlea (Braṣov): Fiction and Facts in Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu’s Stories Amsel – schwarzer Vogel (48)

Sunhild Galter (Sibiu): „Nothing is Invented, Everything is experienced..” Erwin Neustädter’s Mensch in der Zelle (Man in the Cell) as an experience report (63)

Mohamed Tabassi (Tunisia): The colouristic “filling of graphic virtuosity”. About the intermediate writing
in Alfred Andersch’s Memorized Figures (73)

Andreea Dumitru (Sibiu): On cloud Transylvania … A childhood full of dangers. “Deportation” and rescue
of the mother (104)

Cezara Humă (Jasi): The topoi of the Minnegrotte in Gottfried von Straßburgs poem Tristan and their reception by the example of the myth of Euthanasiusʼs island in Mihai Eminescus short story Cezara (115)

Gerhild Rudolf (Sibiu): The Lantern and St. Martin Festival at German Schools in Romania. Aspects of Intercultural Hermeneutics (134)

II. Linguistics

Doris Sava (Sibiu): Modifications of Reiterated Discourse. Manifestations and interpretations (155)

Adina-Lucia Nistor (Jasi): The Romanian ethnonym Aleman and its versions in Romania and Germany (182)

Sigrid Haldenwang (Sibiu): Concerning the borrowing of Romanian Verbs into the Transylvanian-Saxon
language – based on case examples (193)

Cristina Mihail (Sibiu): Text Genres – An Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Approach (222)

Index of Authors (234)