Vol. 41, 2017

Table of Contents


I. Literature and Cultural Studies

Grazziella Predoiu (Timiṣoara): The lonely-women into lost
path: Facts about the intercultural novel „The eartheaterin“; (13)

Maria Sass (Sibiu): Erwin Wittstock’s novel Januar ’45 oder
Die höhere Pflicht [January ’45 or the higher duty]: The
problematic of deportation from an intercultural perspective (29)

Cosmin Dragoste ( Craiova): “a word / gives birth to the other /
word”. On Capitalization in Gerhard Eike’s Poetry (48)

Horst Schuller (Heidelberg): Literary translators in Brasov (60)

Hend Asaad (Kairo):Experiencing the Strangeness
in Die Schrift des Freundes (1998) by Barabara Frischmuth
and Über Land (2016) by Hannah Dübgen (66)

Ana Karlstedt (Bucharest): Literature as a way
of experiencing culture and civilization. Time perception
in Germany and Romania as seen in Die sieben Leben
des Felix Kannmacher by Jan Koneffke (88)

Alexandra Nicolaescu (Bucharest): The DACH concept in
theory and in practice german culture, german for foreign
learners, german course books (98)

II. Linguistics

Uršula Krevs Birk (Ljubljana): German and Slovene
Toponyms with a Special Focus on Place Names outside
the German and Slovene Language Area (115)

Doris Sava (Sibiu): On the Lexicographic Presentation
of Phraseologisms in the bilingual phraseographic practice (134)

Adriana Dănilă (Bucharest): Discourse strategies in the
exposure of the political class enemy in the Romanian
and German press of the 1950’s (151)

Sofiana I. Lindemann (Brașov): Reference
and Prominence (173)

III. Translation studies and translation criticism

Horst Schuller (Heidelberg): References
Horst Schuller. (II) (199)

IV. Book Show

Robert Mroczynski (Düsseldorf): Review (243)

Index of Authors (252)