Vol. 33, 2013


Foreword (9)

Gerhard KONNERTH(Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
 The integration of Sibiu German Language and Literature Studies in European contexts. Lecture during the International Colloquium: Effective Speech in Early New High German: Syntactic and text stylistic aspects (6th of September 2013). The Colloquium was dedicated to Prof. Dr. Monika Hager-Rössing on her 80th birthday. (11)

I. Literature and Cultural Studies

Hans-Martin HAGEN (Nürnberg):
Goethe meets Hafis (31)

Thomas SCHARES (Bukarest):
Dracula in Sibiu? The Altar Retable in Târnava, the Plague and “Dracula’s Cryptoportraits“ In Memoriam Christoph Gerhardt (1940-2010) (50)

Maria IROD (Bukarest):

Delia EŞIANU (Iassy):
 Aesthetically extremism: Hans Henny Jahnn (108)

Teodora MORARU (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Typological similarities and differences at Herta Müller and Gheorghe Crăciun (120)

Rodica TĂNASIE (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Nature And Status Of Women At The Transylvanian „Gypsies” (136)

II. Linguistics

Adina-Lucia NISTOR (Iassy):
In heroum memoriam. German and Romanian Surnames in Petreşti/Sebeş (151)

Doris SAVA (Sibiu/Hermannstadt)/Åsa APELKVIST (Bukarest):
On conceptualizing decease. Verbalization patterns in German, Romanian and Swedish phraseology (173)

III. Translation Theory and Criticism

Lăcrămioara POPA (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Lăcrămioara POPA (Sibiu): German translators of Romanian folk ballads in the 19th century (207)

IV. The Current Issue

Maria SASS (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Tradition does not mean collecting the ashes, but keeping the flame alive. The “Transylvania” Summer Academy and its contribution not only to the promotion of German language and culture, but also to the cultural exchanges in Southeastern Europe (225)

V. Book Show

Sunhild GALTER (Sibiu/Hermannstadt): Review (247)

Maria SASS (Sibiu/Hermannstadt): Review (251)

Claudia SPIRIDON (Cluj-Napoca/Klausenburg):Review (260)

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