Vol. 36, 2015


Foreword (9)

I. Literature and Cultural Studies

Roxana NUBERT/Ana-Maria DASCALU ROMITAN (Temeswar/Bukarest):
The Dictatorship in Herta Müller’s novel The Land of Green Plums – With special reference to the language (13)

Markus FISCHER (Bukarest):
„I is another“ – Self-images and images of the other in Max Frisch’s novel Stiller (33)

Alexander RUBEL (Iassy):
„Against Indians“. The Representation of the Enemy in Ernst Jünger’s „Storm of Steel“ (45)

Carmen Elisabeth PUCHIANU (Brasov/Kronstadt):
Representation of the Self and of the Other in “Nursing Case” by C.E. Puchianu and R.G. Elekes (83)

Sunhild GALTER (Hermannstadt/Sibiu):
The Other as an indispensable Counterpart in Sibylle Berg’s Novel Der Mann schläft (97)

Joachim WITTSTOCK (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Within the Braiding of Identities. Moments of Cultural History, Evoked in the Case of János Bolyai (111)

Alexandra CHIRIAC (Iassy):
The Transylvanian „Bertoldo“ at the end of the 18th century. The role of the cultural “other” for the linguistic and literary development of the Enlightened Transylvania (124)

II. Linguistics

Doris SAVA (Sibiu/Hermannstadt): Linguistik auf Abwegen: Reflections about some erroneous assessments from the perspective of language use (149)

Adriana-Lucia NISTOR (IASSY): Das Bild des Anderen in den The Image of “The Other’’ in the Street Names of Sebeş. Siculorumgasse, Griedungasse, Saxonii Noi Street (169)

Sigrid HALDEWANG (Sibiu/Hermannstadt):
Insight into another world, that oft the little winged beings of the Transylvanian world of birds. About owl species – proper names as well as names borrowed from neighboring languages (184)

Adriana DĂNILĂ (Bukarest):
The representation of power relationship in the political discourse (The case of the politicized commemorative speeches delivered on the death of the former President of the German Democratic Republic Wilhelm Pieck (205)

Ana KARLSTEDT (Bukarest): The image of “the other” in intercultural pedagogy (222)

Iulia ZUP (Iassy):
The translations of the Habsburg civil code in Romanian (240)

III.Book Show

Maria SASS: Review (259)

Doris SAVA: Review (264)