Vol. 20-21, 2006


 Foreword (5)

Siegfried Habicher:
Dr. Udo-Peter Wagner, a European, celebrated his 60th Anniversary (6)

I. Literaturwissenschaft und Landeskunde

Udo-Peter Wagner:
Reading Paul Ernst in Romania (10)

Maria Sass:
 Memory and Identity in Erika Mitterer’s Novel „Alle unsere Spiele” (34)

Delia Cotârlea:
The documentaries and travel notes of Anemone Latzina (51)

Udo-Peter Wagner:
In memoriam Oskar Pastior (65)

Susanna Lulé:
 “Brânză is not cheese. About Teaching German Culture and Civillisation in Romanian Universities. (68)

Sunhild Galter:
Friedricke Mayröcker – Finding a Poetess (88)

Carmen Popa:
 The German Cultural Heritage in the Romanian Newspaper Telegraful roman from Sibiu, 1870-1899 (94)

II. Sprachwissenschaft

Monika Roessing-Hager:
The Example as a Microcosmos in the Text. Comparisons between Martin Luther and Damasius Dürr (102)

Rodica-Ofelia Miclea:
Focussing on Economic Language: Prepositional Structures and their Translations into Romanian in Texts of Commercial Correspondence (125)

Doris Sava:
The Whole is More than The Sum of its Parts. Ideas of Improving the Bilingual Phraseological Practice of the Language Pair German/Romanian (151)

Dana Janetta Dogaru:
 A Material-Homiletical Analysis of the Sermons of Damasius Dürr. A Proof of Interconfessional Links (169)

Kinga D. Erzse:
Comparing Hand and Foot from an Intercultural Point of View. A Contrastive Analysis of Phraseological Expressions in German and Romanian (179)

III. Übersetzungswissenschaft und – kritik

Ioana Constantin:
The Problem of Intertextual Bible References in Goethe’s Faust and their Translation. Looking on the Romanian Translations of Lucian Blaga and Ştefan Augustin Doinaş (255)