Aims and Scope

Publication’s Aims and Scope

The Germanistische Beiträge journal publishes articles on Germanic literature, language and culture, setting  a special emphasis on the German language and literature of South-Eastern Europe in general and of the ones in the regions of Transilvania, Banat and Bucovina in special.

The main aims of the publication are to present and promote the particularities of the German culture, language and literature in these regions and to analyze them with reference to the overall German culture and especially the one spoken in the main Germanic space.

Therefore, the orientation of the journal is also a comparative one, highlighting both the similarities, as well as the local differences of these regional cultures and dialects to the ones in countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg etc. – where German is spoken as a main language.

Especially welcome are unique, valuable contributions as well as new and original insights to the field. The articles should represent as far as possible, the most current research outcome.

Our journal analyzes the local German culture, in its linguistical and literary expressions, both synchronically and diachronically, considering both the contemporary phenomena as well as the historical developments.

The richness of the various local dialects is also a challenge for the Germanistic dialectology, to whom it provides an abundance of material to analyze and appraise.

And, above all these immediate aims, the overall scope of the publication is to promote the scientific and academic discourse among scholars in the field and to contribute to the advancement of the knowledge in this domain, by offering a platform on which research results can be published.