VOL 38, 2016


Foreword (9)

I. Literature and Cultural Studies
Markus FISCHER (Bucharest): Presumptuous Surveyors
– Definitions of Space in Daniel Kehlmann’s novel
Die Vermessung der Welt (Measuring the World)
and in Detlev Buck’s film version with the same title (13)

Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu (Braşov): Literary Province
between universality and spacelessness.
Two examples of space as result of performnce (38)

Maria Sass (Sibiu): Each Building Has its Own Story.
Sibiu as literary space in the short stories
of Joachim Wittstock (51)

Grazziella Predoiu (Timisoara): Space-reflections
in Marlen Haushofers novel The wall (66)

Christina Weigel (Erfurt): Symbols of unsteady
and ambiguous identities in the novel Ascheregen
by Joachim Wittstock (89)

Manuel Stübecke (Sibiu): Fear of the Borders – Vampyres:
a phenomena of the borders (106)

II. Linguistics
Doris Sava (Sibiu): Aspects of Areal Phraseology (123)

Adina-Lucia NISTOR (Iași): On the Origin of Names
of International Airlines. American Airlines, Tiger Airways,
Carpatair, Hello (181)

Sigrid Haldenwang (Sibiu): About Transylvanian Saxon
terminology for „hurdle, livestock enclosure, field fences
for livestock, especially for sheep”, also parts of fenced-in
spaces; native terms for related word formations (194)

Ioana Constantin (Sibiu): Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.
On Witches and their Persecution in Sibiu/Hermannstadt.
An Insight into the Documents of the City Archives (217)

Liana-Regina Iunesch (Sibiu): Textbooks for German
as a Foreign Language in Romanian Schools (235)

Ivana Jeftić (Novi Sad): Danube Swabians in Sremska
Mitrovica (259)

III. Translation studies and translation criticism
Carmen Popa (Sibiu):Translational considerations on German
administrative and judicial texts from the 17th century
that belong to The Romanian National Archives in Sibiu (273)

IV. Book Show:
Maria Irod (Bucharest): Rewiew (287)

Index of Authors (295)