The publication of the journal Germanistische Beiträge, also shows the commitment of the Department of German Studies in Sibiu in promoting Romanian German Studies. In particular, research and the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of German language, literature, and culture in Romania and Southeast Europe are to be supported. Accordingly, the essays in the journal are expected to contribute to this purpose.

All contributions to be published in the journal will be reviewed. Scientific contributions will be assessed by two reviewers. Reviews that are examined internally by the editorial team will not be subject to any assessment.

The received contributions are checked before publication, both in terms of form, content, and language, and with regard to their accuracy of fit and compliance to scientific standards. The peer review process applies to all contributions submitted for publication. The decisive criteria for publication are the academic level, the thematic orientation, and an appropriate academic style. The manuscripts that meet the general publication criteria are assessed by two reviewers from the field, who can recommend the contribution be included in its original form or after revision. If the contribution does not meet the quality criteria, it will not be accepted for publication. A third reviewer is called in if the overall assessment of the two reviewers diverges.