Notes for the Reviewers

The review team brings together home and foreign experts in the field (specialists, university lecturers, and experienced scientists) who are familiar with the direction of the publication. The reviewers review one or more articles in their field. In the form, the reviewers will specifically address the points that were answered with “No” in order to identify unsuitable contributions and to mend the flaws of suitable contributions. The contribution, if accepted for publication, appears under the name of the author. Therefore, the author, and not the reviewer, is responsible for all errors and flaws in the article. The reviewer is not a second author who fixes errors and rephrases the wording. The task of the reviewer, however, is to point out errors and ambiguities to the author and, if necessary, to request unmentioned, competent literature.

The editorial team reserves the right to reject manuscripts, even without review, if they do not follow the manuscript layout guidelines. The editorial team ensures the confidentiality of the review process (double-blind review).